Do you have an ATO Payment Plan ?


Tax debt creates a lot of anxiety for many business owners and individuals. Our aim at ATO Payment Plan is to help guide you to make the best decision for you or your business.


Many businesses are afraid to contact the ATO to discuss payment arrangements or negotiate a commercial settlement. You should not be scared of entering discussions with the ATO, as they are creditors like everyone else and simply want to work out a solution to get paid. The only difference is that you can be assured, the ATO will take action against your business for non payment.


We can assist you in many ways by exploring solutions including the following;


  • Payment arrangements
  • Settlement offers
  • Refinancing your business or personal assets to make funds available to pay your debt
  • Specialist advice to improve your business cash flow
  • Referrals to specialist firms should you believe your assessment or lodgement is incorrect
  • Personal Bankruptcy discussions
  • Advice regarding Director Penalty Notices
  • Voluntary Administration Process
  • Liquidation of a Company


Every individual or Company situation is different and it is important a one on one meeting takes place with a consultant to assess your situation and guide you through your best option.


Our advisory panel has assisted public companies, high net worth individuals, mining services, manufacturing, distribution companies, transport and logistics, building and construction and every other type of business imaginable. There is not one simple solution that fixes every problem, it is a unique approach tailored specifically to you.


We understand that external factors may have an influence that has led you to your current situations. We generally find poor health, a large creditor not paying you, downturn of trade and poor cash flow are the main reasons.


If you wish to stop the sleepless nights, our best advice is to be pro-active. The quicker you take action, a solution can be found. It is not always too late and more often than not a rescue package can be achieved through good communication and a strategic plan.


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